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    Contentment If contentment came in Creature-form She’d  be an  Australian Shepherd Destined to chase An unruly flock Of stubborn thoughts Back into their own pasture kpeterson march 2014 photograph from Advertisements

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H is for Happy

H is such a festive letter, It shows up at most any celebration: Hurrahs, hilarity, and hysterical, It’s Hip Hip Hooray, Huzzahs, and Hullabaloo, Hoopla, Hearty, Hopeful And a final Hallelujah.   Hush. I need a holiday- I’m haggard from … Continue reading

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Wrangling Words

Words whiz wildly, Careening and colliding, Wrangling, until they wear out my wondering, And persuade me to procure them a place on paper.   kpeterson   April 12, 2013     I appreciate alliteration. Synchronized sounds engage and entertain the … Continue reading

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