Mercy for the Grieving

My heart is heavy with grief for parent-friends who wake up every day to the reality that their beloved child waits in heaven for them.  I wrestle with God over this.  Their children lit up this world with joy and laughter, beauty and boyish delight.  How we miss them. Some we didn’t get to know, because their little eyes never opened in this world.   Others we don’t know personally, but their dear little faces and tragic stories come to the nation’s attention and cause our hearts to buckle under the burden of the sad condition of this violent world.    My heart breaks with the mothers’ in particular,  and so this prayer is one I want to pray each and every day for the grieving I know, and those I don’t, who walk this hard road.  Mercy on you until that beautiful day of reunion and restoration.


Father Who Is There,

How can a world that houses

First words and belly laughs,

Hand picked bouquets and Dr. Seuss,

Pillow fights and Happy Birthdays,

Possibly give quarter to the depth of loss that breaks a mother’s heart?


Every mother knows woe’s just a breath away.

And yet we hold no words of healing.

We crumple with her, sit in silence, and we weep.

But oh, how we long to do more.


So, we pick her up ever so gently

And make our way to where we hear You may be found.

It is your mercy-care we seek so desperately.

If necessary, we will cut a hole in the roof of your presence,

And lower her most tenderly,

Setting her at your feet.


Stop whatever you are doing, Lord,

And regard her lacerated heart.

Notice her.

We beg of you,

Mercy for this mother.

Cradle her in your arms,

Breathe your words of comfort,

Bathe this anguish in your deep pools of mercy.

Design and deliver a glimpse of joy this day.

Mercy for this mother, Lord God.

Mercy,  Yawheh Shammah.


(Yawheh Shammah – “The Lord is there”)

kerry peterson  january 2013



2 Responses to Mercy for the Grieving

  1. Dee Ingersoll says:

    Kerry, I had no idea you had this blog until Diane shared on facebook. Having lost a little boy one day after his birth, this pray has truly blessed me today. Thank you and God Bless you!
    I love to write too but don’t have this gift you have been given. Sure have missed our Mary Engelbreit sharing.

    • Dee! Sweet Dee… I didn’t know you’d lost a little boy. I don’t think there’s anything more difficult. It is so good to connect with you, yes , we love our M. E… ❤

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