I am not a particularly brave person, so I spend time studying courageous people and drawing conclusions about their choices and their character to find the source of their strength and stamina.  I am blessed to know some brave people.   They aren’t famous, but that in no way lessens the practical, inspiring power of their example.  In fact for me, it heightens it.



Brave isn’t

Riding the crest of a brilliant blue wave

Under a sparkling sun,

Onto the sandy shore

In a thrilling adrenaline rush.


No, brave is what happens while you

Paddle the breadth of a set-

In that zone where the waves seem intent

On pounding your dream right out of you

Or at least knocking you silly and sore.


Brave isn’t

Traipsing through

The delightful valley of Where I Want to Be

With cheerful companions,

A spring in your step,

And a song in your heart

Because all is as it should be.

This is a lovely season,

But it doesn’t demand you be brave.


No, brave is traveling the steep and solitary path

Because this is where you are.

Brave is holding your ground

When the ridge line narrows

And every ounce of you

Wants to scramble down to safer slopes.


Brave has to happen

Because happily ever after

Doesn’t always follow disappointment

Like it does in a Disney film,

With foot tapping, sing-a-long melodies.


Brave is often very quiet

And exceedingly easy to miss.


But brave is beautiful.

Brave is a low-burning fire

That warms those within its reach-

Its long, inclusive reach.


Brave breaks out of its comfort zone.

Brave endures.

Brave hopes while it does the next thing,

And brave can run a really, really long way

Without the finish line in sight.


You don’t need a hefty dose of brave

When you’re traveling temperate lands

Where your dreams mostly come true.

But, if you find yourself

In the midst of a stormier space

Or come face to face with some scraggy terrain,

(And you certainly will-you can count on that)

You can never have too much brave.


Alas, here’s the tricky thing:

You only get it by being it.

You put one foot in front of the other

And you walk.

You give thanks.

You dance when you can

And cry when you must

And you hang on.

You hang on real tight

To the One Who Showed Great Courage

As well as a whole lot of love,

That He might one day put all things right.




august 2014


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4 Responses to Brave

  1. Kathy says:

    Loved it Kerry. To be brave is what I need to be… Always. 😘

  2. I love your line, “you can never have too much brave.” Right there is some truth! I pray for it all the time, and sometimes I even get to feel it a little! Loved your beautiful insight, as always.

  3. Patty Green says:

    Thanks, Kerry I am not brave either but He who holds me with his right hand is!!!

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