Hope Hangs on You

We tend to believe that hope and despair

Sit on the far ends of a spacious spectrum.

But, sometimes the distance between the two

Is razor thin.


Much depends upon circumstance.


I like the days

With a fat padding of ease,

Where I march about celebrating

The favorable conditions.


I don’t so much like the thin days,

The slim-pickins days

Where I’m driven to my knees

In unconditional dependence.


But it’s the thin days,

The narrow spaces,

That press me

Into your presence.


My inability to meet a need

Awakens sensibilities

That lie dormant

When everything falls in place.


You implore us to trust You,

No doubt about that

And much in this world

Makes that a stretch.


But it has been said

You will finish what you start,

So hope hangs on you

Not on me.


Philippians 1:6



February 2016


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6 Responses to Hope Hangs on You

  1. So good, Kerry. I can relate on many levels. I would love to join in your marching band, but will have to make due with standing on the high-wire with you, hands clasped, eyes focused forward not down, ever believing that this is not the end.

  2. Debra says:

    Oh so wonderful to read a post from you! Your beautiful words hit all the right tones. Much appreciated.

  3. Sandra says:

    That is so beautiful, but even more — so true! You have a real gift for putting truth in a way that touches the soul. Thank you, Kerry, for these touching poems.

  4. I read your poem again from a different place than where I was only last week. Tremendous loss looms and I feel so acutely the razor that slides between hope and despair. Hope was yesterday and despair threatens today. But I do not grieve like those who have no hope. Even as I begin the mourning process I will trust in Him. The only One who can bring hope and life. Thank you for your words. They minister to my soul.

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